Rotary Distributor

RockWater Equipment Company features an EIMCO-KCP designed rotary distributor for the use in industrial and muncipal applications.  We designed our Rotary distributors for optimal uniform flow distribution, high BOD removals and consistent effluent.  Center assembly designs are suitable for standard or high rate applications, with or without flow control features. Distributor arms are of circular pipe construction or may be fabricated from steel plate with single or multiple compartments. The EIMCO-K.C.P Rotary Distributors are furnished for all bed sizes and with center inlet diameters from 8 in. to 54 in. Feed arrangements may be above or beneath the filter floor depending on media depth and flow transition requirements.

RockWater Rotary Ditributor clarifier

RockWater Rotary Distributor 

The EIMCO-K.C.P Rotary Distributors are furnished with one of two center assembly designs. These include a basic standard or high rate assembly with no internal flow division features, and a high rate assembly with an internal annular weir for flow division.  Reliability and simplicity of the main bearing assembly are the key operating features of EIMCO KCP Rotary Distributors. The lower turntable type bearing is used on all distributor mechanisms, regardless of size. The large diameter ball bearings with hardened races are located close to the media face for stability against tilting.  The bearing runs in an oil bath. The stationary base and revolving turn- table are of sturdy cast iron construction and are free of projections in the bottom center inlet opening which might obstruct the flow.

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The EIMCO-K.C.P Rotary Distributors are available with circular pipe arms, fabricated rectangular arms or fabricated rectangular multiple compartment arms. The diameter of the filter, the influent flow and the available hydraulic head will normally determine the type of arm to be used.

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