Suction Header Clarifiers 

RockWater Equipment rapid sludge suction header clarifiers are specifically designed to provide fast and uniform removal of return activated sludge.  The clarifier utilizes a rotating suction header collector and manifold assembly to quickly remove the activated sludge.  The settled solids are collected through the orifices located throughout the length of the suction header. We design the varying orifice sizes and spacing to provide the desired velocities throughout the entire mechanism.  The sludge headers clarifiers are offered in either single or dual header configurations.

Rockwater Suction Header Clarifier

Simplicity of Design and Operation

Suction Header Clarifiers are an effective and fast way to remove sludge.  The settled solids are removed through a rotating header located at the bottom of the clarifier. The suction header is a sealed tube with orifices sized and spaced to ensure even solids removal over the entire clarifier bottom.   Suction headers provide full radius, rapid sludge removal plus the added advantages of the RockWater technology designed clarifiers and drive units.  Our suction header clarifiers provide high quality effluent with full floor sludge removal within the entire basin.

RockWater Benefits

  • Rapid removal of solids
  • Uniform sludge removal over the entire clarifier floor.
  • Minimizing short circuting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Minimal disruption of sludge blanket
  • New or retrofit type designs
sludge header design


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