Screw Compactor

The RockWater Screw Compactor conveys, cleans, dewaters, and compresses debris. The shafted screw design conveys screened debris, while the spray bar system sends organic material back to the system. The compression box reduces the volume of debris, lowering transportation costs. This RockWater Screw Compactor can retrofit any kind of bar screen equipment or other screw compactor type of equipment.

Screw Compactor
Screw Compactor

Features & Highlights 

Typical applications include Municipal sewage treatment plants, pulp and paper facilities, biogas plants and food waster industrial plants.

The benefits include:

  • High compaction ratio
  • Low speed and high torque
  • High durability
  • High efficiency
  • Entry washing zone
  • Outlet cleaning zone
  • Bag cassette adaptor
  • Shafted screw
  • No hanger bearings