Rectangular Clarifiers

Both rectangular and circular configurations have been commonly used in clarifier basins.   The selection of rectangular versus circular clarifiers has been based on past experience and the preference of the design engineer or design company. Initial wastewater treatment plant designs in the United States were reasonably balanced between rectangular and circular when collector or scraper systems were designed from steel, with the introduction of biological treatment, corrosion became more of a concern and circular clarifiers became more popular. Non‐metallic chain and flight sludge collection systems for rectangular clarifiers were introduced more than 20 years ago and have overcome the corrosion problem, leading to a resurgence of rectangular clarifiers, particularly for large wastewater treatment plants.

rectangluar Clarifiers

RockWater Clarifier Options

The RockWater Rectangular clarifier options involve retrofitted our new superior design into an existing basin with or without a cross collector.  We only use superior products, like stronglight weight chain molded from polyester, lightweight head shafts and fiberglass flights.  This makes it very easy to install and retrofit these machines.  Our service group is very experienced with these clarifiers and can get these clarifiers back up in operation in no time.

RockWater Benefits:

  • Strong light weight chain
  • Heavy duty sprockets
  • Self lubricating chain guides for smooth operation
  • Lightweight stub and head shafts
  • Fiberglass flights
  • Retrofit any type rectangular clarifier
  • Easy installation with expensive crane service
  • Technical experts available for inspection

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