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For the efficient, economical and reliable water treatment and wastewater purification you require high-performance and reliable equipment for your plants. Our area of expertise includes the design and manufacture of wastewater equipment for the municipal and industrial markets.

Spiral Blade Clarifier

RockWater Equipment spiral blade designed clarifiers are uniquely created for optimal performance and to increase solids.

Suction Pipe Clarifier

The RockWater suction pipe secondary clarifiers are designed to provide quick and uniform removal of return activated sludge (RAS)

Suction Header Clarifier

RockWater Equipment rapid sludge suction header clarifiers are specifically designed to provide fast and uniform removal of return activated sludge.

Plow Type Clarifier

The RockWater plow blade standard designed clarifiers are designed for all applications involving sludge removal.

Solid Contact Clarifier

RockWater's solid contact clarifiers are designed and proven for highly efficient flocculation, sedimentation, and clarification in a single compact basin.

Rectangular Clarifier

The RockWater Rectangular clarifier options involve retrofitted our new superior design into an existing basin with or without a cross collector.

Gravity Sludge Thickeners

The RockWater gravity thickeners are designed to create an improved design application involving sludge thickening.

Clarifier Drives

The RockWater clarifier equipment features the superior designed CM or BM series drives from RSG, PRE or DBS.

Bolt-in-place Drives

These premimum drives come with bolt on cage ears to retrofit to any type clarifier with ease.

Rotery Distributor

RockWater Equipment Company features an EIMCO-KCP designed rotary distributor for the use in industrial and muncipal applications.

Headwork Screens

RockWater products include a variety of screening filtration, clarification, aeration and shut-off equipment recognised for efficiency and cost-effective performance.

Launder Covers

These launder covers are made only from aluminum and stainless-steel materials providing our customers with long lasting equipment that won't crack or discolor.

Upgraded Skimmers

RockWater uses a superior skimming device for all it's equipment.   This skimming device is made from stainless-steel and aluminum materials only with 316 Stainless-steel fasteners.

Other Equipment

RockWater was contacted by JBT to design all type of aerospace equipment and machines.  Last year we designed the first prototype cable reel retrieval system in the U.S.A.

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