Standard Plow Blade Design

The RockWater plow blade standard designed clarifiers are designed for all applications involving sludge removal. Flow enters through the center pier then discharges through outlet ports located at the top of the center column into either a controlled energy inlet or feedwell. The EDI / feedwell dissipates the influent energy, minimizes density currents and enhances settling. Solids are collected at the bottom of the basin and raked to a collection sump located in the tank floor. The clarified effluent exits over the weir plates and out of the basin.

RockWater Plow Type Clarifier

Plow Blade Clarifiers with the RockWater Benefits 

Typical clarification for primary or secondary clarifiers featuring standard plow blades, EDI and feedwell.  Our RW clarifiers offer bolt in connections for easy of installation.  Variable speed clarifier is an option with our superior CM series drives.

  • Simple operation
  • Lower inital costs
  • No mechanical seals
  • Low maintenance
  • Superior CM series drives with VFD
  • New or Retrofits

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