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Multiple Suction Pipe Clarifiers in New England

RockWater designed, fabricated and installed two new suction pipe clarifiers in the New England area in 2018 & 2019.  The customer loved the quality and service so much from the first installation as we were asked to install a second similar clarifier the following year.  These clarifiers were both in a dome making it more difficult to install, however our team of experts were able to install this equipment in record time.

Customer Service: RockWater delivers technology and superior customer service.  This team of experts can handle all types of your equipmen needs.

Repeat Customers: RockWater Equipment is designed by a team of experienced and professional engineers.  We are here to help our customers with every different type of problem or concern.  Our team of experts will find a solution.  Our customers keep coming back.

rockland 3


"This company is very professional and experienced.  They have excellent engineers that were able to answer any question.  We are expanding next year and we would like add two more of these clarifers at our plant in 2021.  The field install crew is awesome, they get it done quick and get it done right"

John D. - New England Plant Superintendent


Multiple Clarifiers at the same Plant in KS

RockWater equipment has been installed at multiple Industrial plants around the country, however one particular plant in Kansas has several of our clarifiers and other equipment at their plant.  We have installed over 5 different types of clarifiers at this plant, including bridge supported clarifiers, floatator clarifiers and plow blade clarifiers.  We have become the supplier of choice for this large plant and we appreciate the faith they have in us to treat them right.

Turn Key Solutions: Our turn-key solutions install team have been installing clarifiers and other types of equipment for over 25 years.  This install crew is comprised of experienced field supervisors and foreman that know how to install equipment the right way.  We constantly have customers asking for our field installation experts with every job.

Retrofits & Upgrades: This plant has upgraded or retrofitted over 5 different types of their equipment to our RockWater brand.  We can repair or rebuild the drive or bridge etc. and just replace or upgrade the underwater steel.  We can find ways to keep the value of the items and upgrade the equipment to "like new" condition.  Upgrade your equipment is easy with RockWater.

Blade Rake Clarifier
clarifier 5


"These guys replace or rebuild equipment in our plant every year and sometimes twice a year.  There is no other company I trust more to get here when I ask and to get things operating in a timing manner.  This company designs and supplies only the best equipment and I would highly recommend them for replacement clarifiers and their labor install services"

Greg F- Kansas Plant Superintendent


Fonda, NY is all RockWater Equipment

RockWater has successfully installed two new clarifiers at the Fultonville, NY WWTP plant which now operates with all RockWater equipment for their secondary clarifiers.  RockWater/RSG has taken care of this plant for the last five years.   The plant superintedent and operators appreciate the attention and care RockWater provides standard when the plant upgrades to RockWater/RSG equipment.

Partner For Life: RockWater not only provides equipment, they also provide customer service for life.  We are not a won and done type compnay, we are here to answer any questions and provide free service for the life to our customers.   Our customers know that they can expect us to answer the phones and provide value with every call.  That's why Fonda, NY WWTP is a partner for life.

Free Onsite Inspections: We provide free service not only to new customers but also to our existing customer base which keeps going every month.  Our existing customers receive emails with updates on their RSG-Konnect app which keep them in touch for any updates or new technology we have regarding their equipment or new equipment that might help them even more.  Our upstate New York customers are happy to receive free inspections and are very appreciative of the continued support.



"Working with this company is very easy as they always return my call or email within minutes.  The equipment is heavy duty and superior to any other equipment at our plant.   If we had more clarifiers here, they would be manufactured by RockWater/RSG.  

B. Wimple- Superintendent

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