Inspection Services

RockWater Equipment Company supplies new equipment that includes the latest technology and upgrades, however we also perform inspection services in retrofitting our machines to existing equipment using upgraded innovative technology.   Our field engineers can inspect your equipment and make reccommendations for better performance and efficiency.

RockWater Inspecting clarifier drive

Inspection Reports 

RockWater will provide detailed inspection reports with recommendations and analysis of equipment condition and life expectancy.  We will provide a proposal for new technology type equipment for better performance.  Our engineers and technicians have several years experience troubleshooting and upgrading all different types of equipment.

Check-out Services

We will perform a thorough check out of our newly installed equipment in making sure you fully understand the new upgraded operating equipment.  The RockWater new equipment is more user friendly and easier to maintain and operate.

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Turn-Key Labor

Our Turn-Key service partner has been installing and rebuilding clarifiers for many many years.  

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